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The first batch of yingtelai firefighters' firefighting suits in China to meet the requirements of the Type 20 standard


The first batch of Yingtelai firefighters' firefighting suits in China to meet the requirements of the Type 20 standard

On April 27, 2021, Liu Xuefeng, General Manager of yingtelai, and the Deputy Director of the Technical Center were invited to participate in the "20 style Firefighter Bunker gear Product System Technical Seminar" held by the Fire Rescue Bureau of the Emergency Management Department and the Fire Product Conformity Assessment Center. Other participants in the meeting include the Deputy Director of the Logistics Equipment Department of the Fire Rescue Bureau of the Emergency Management Department, the Director of the Fire Product Qualification Evaluation Center, and the Executive Deputy Director of the Inspection Center of the Shanghai Fire Research Institute.

The meeting was held mainly to solve the problem that after the type 20 firefighters' Bunker gear was unified, the identification Velcro was added, and it was required that it must comply with the XF 10-2014 standard. However, Velcro is a special product. At present, the conventional Velcro on the market does not meet the standards, which has led to the nationwide stagnation of fire clothing bidding since this year. All firefighters' Bunker gear cannot be batch inspected, all fire clothing manufacturers cannot sell their products normally for several consecutive months, and the national fire rescue team cannot purchase, making the Fire Rescue Bureau, Shanghai Testing Center, Qualified Product Assessment Center Both manufacturers and users are facing awkward issues.

At the meeting, General Manager Liu Xuefeng introduced that after receiving the notice of the 20th style standard, the R&D personnel of Intel worked day and night before and after the Spring Festival and quickly developed a new type of flame retardant Velcro, which not only met the standard requirements but also met national standards, achieving the unity of the standard requirements and national standards. We hope that the Shanghai Testing Center can conduct batch inspections according to the standards as soon as possible. According to the Shanghai Testing Center of the Emergency Management Department at the meeting, so far, Yingtelai is one of the first manufacturers in China to pass the inspection of flame-retardant Velcro. This also demonstrates the leading position of Yingtelai in scientific research and innovation capabilities across the country.

According to the requirements of Yingtelai, the meeting decided that the 20 type Bunker gear for firefighters could be changed as soon as possible according to the procedure, and Shanghai Testing Center would conduct the change confirmation inspection. After the change, the normal batch inspection and sales could be carried out. The specific implementation plan will be jointly determined by the Shanghai Testing Center and the Fire Products Qualification Evaluation Center.

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