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Research and development of disposable medical protective clothing


Research and development of disposable medical protective clothing

In this war without gunpowder, Interlay actively responded to the call of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, and made significant progress by utilizing its research and development advantages and production capacity. The production department and research and development center actively cooperated to develop medical disposable protective clothing urgently needed on the front line of the epidemic, and made significant progress.

During the epidemic, the director of the technical center, Zhong Jianjun, disregarded the risk of virus transmission and traveled long distances, actively organizing the production of equipment and raw materials for medical protective clothing; The deputy chief engineer of the company, Ding Zhixin, organized the renovation of the 100000 level purification workshop and led employees to carry, install, and debug equipment day and night. Chen Hongyan, Product Manager of the Technical Center, designs and guides the plate making and cutting of protective clothing, and organizes product testing; The Minister of Production, Hu Xiufang, organized technical workers to accelerate production; Laboratory director Sun Xuefeng is researching and mastering medical product standards and testing methods... All departments are working together to strive for the early delivery of disposable medical protective clothing to the front line.

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