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Interlay participates in the 18th China International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition


Interlay participates in the 18th China International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition

The 18th China International Fire Protection Exhibition, organized by the Fire Protection Association, was grandly held on October 16th at the New China Exhibition. The exhibition lasted for four days, and major exhibitors from the fire protection industry gathered here. The exhibition presented a grand scene of a hundred flowers blooming. As a leader in the industry, Interlay stood proudly among the exhibitors with its advanced products, technology, and concepts.

At this exhibition, the Interlay exhibition area is the largest in history and also the largest among personal protective equipment enterprises. The exhibition area is divided into three large areas: system protection exhibition area, fire cleaning 4S+service center exhibition area, and firefighter psychological construction exhibition area. In the two areas of cleaning and psychology, the exhibition layout is a reproduction of the scene of the 4S+service center of Hangzhou Fire Brigade's fire-fighting clothing and the psychological project of Liangqing, Nanning, Guangxi.

The system protection area is divided into fire helmets, fire boots, fire hero protection system area, fire rescue forest police protection system area, and standby protection area. In addition, Interlay has provided corresponding display areas for its partners PBI and safety components companies. On the booth of the system protection area, there are over a hundred sets of various protective clothing, over 30 helmets, and nearly a hundred pairs of shoes and boots. In addition, there are more than 300 exhibits such as gloves, headsets, and equipment bags. All types of equipment are complete, highlighted, and arranged reasonably, showcasing Interlay's good corporate image and confident corporate demeanor.

PBI firefighters' fire suits and command suits symbolize that Interlay fire suits have long been at the world's leading level. PBI's high breaking strength, high tear resistance, and unique explosion-proof performance are far ahead of aramid fire suits. Our ZFMH-YTL O (DRD) PBI Max fire suit has been selected as an innovative product at the 2109 China International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition. This is one of the 39 innovative products selected from over 200 products, indicating the fierce competition in the selection and the high technical content of our products.

The high permeability and low weight fire extinguishing clothing and command clothing further reflect our people-oriented design concept. Starting from the physical sensation of firefighters in their actual work, we consider what kind of fire fighting clothing is actually needed by firefighters, and what kind of fire fighting clothing is most suitable for firefighters to wear in their work. In harsh fire environments, firefighters often need to engage in extensive activities in high-temperature environments. The two factors that have a significant impact on this process are weight and moisture permeability. As the saying goes: ten miles does not add much weight, and a hundred miles does not add two. At the physical limit of firefighters, the weight of dozens or even tens of grams of firefighting clothing is highly likely to become the last straw that overwhelms the firefighters, thereby affecting the outcome of the situation. So, we always think that for every gram of weight lost while ensuring the protective performance of clothing, firefighters will have an extra point of safety. As is well known, the skin is also a respiratory organ. If a large amount of water vapor generated by firefighters' bodies during work is not discharged in a timely manner, it may accelerate the rise of body surface temperature, lead to faster blood flow, affect heart rate, and even cause shock, which is extremely detrimental to firefighters during work. So moisture permeability is a very important indicator of fire clothing. Our fire-fighting clothes weigh about 2.25kg, which is about 1.25kg lighter than the standard, and the moisture permeability is about 8000, which is 60% higher than the standard, greatly improving the Factor of safety of firefighters during fire work.

The exhibition also displayed the forest summer rescue clothes that meet the specifications of the Wildfire suppression Bureau and the forest fire prevention clothes that meet the national standards of the Forestry Bureau. After the visit, leaders of the Wildfire suppression Bureau felt that our summer forest rescue clothes and forest fire prevention clothes were very agreeable to them, and expressed their approval. From the audience's feedback, as a new product in the market, the forest rescue service has received high attention and attracted a lot of traffic to the exhibition area. In addition, we also showcased rescue suits designed for Daxing Airport, which serves as a benchmark for fire protection in many airports, and we believe it will inevitably affect the procurement orientation of fire equipment in other airports. From the leading position in urban fire protection to the involvement in Wildfire suppression and airport fire protection, it shows that we have made preparations in advance for the situation of the fire rescue market with multiple disasters and occasions after the restructuring.

Our fire preparedness protective clothing has already formed a system, which is more suitable and practical for the restructured China Fire and Rescue. The use of the fire preparedness protection system can enhance the protection performance, improve the protection system, and Innovation management concept, which has strong practical significance. The fire standby protection system and protective clothing complement and complement each other, forming a protective system that adapts to different regions, seasons, and occasions from the inside out, enhancing the safety guarantee of firefighters. On the basis of the original standby clothing, this exhibition also added the "Flame Blue" series of standby clothing, which is more in line with the professional characteristics of the current fire rescue team and is also a supplement and improvement to the current "Flame Blue" system of clothing for the fire rescue team.

At the 70th anniversary celebration of the motherland, the 19 style one piece flying suit worn by the pilots who enjoyed endless scenery was also exhibited at this exhibition. It has added luster to the national prestige of the military in a grand ceremony attracting worldwide attention. It represents the advanced technical level of Intel, and also reflects the responsibility and responsibility of Intel for the country and society, which is more in line with the national strategic needs of today's Military-civil fusion development.

In addition, we also exhibited communication vests designed in collaboration with Shenyang Fire Research Institute and earthquake rescue suits designed in collaboration with Shanghai Fire Research Institute, all of which demonstrate Interlay's excellent research and development capabilities.

The exhibits exhibited at this exhibition are technologically advanced, with avant-garde concepts and outstanding highlights. Technological innovation is the lifeblood of enterprise development, and Interlay has walked through the quarter century step by step. We believe that in the future, Interlay will design and manufacture more fire uniforms that better protect the safety of firefighters, "to help firefighters return home safely.

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