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The 70th Anniversary Parade of the New Generation Air Force Flight Suit Presented as a National Day Gift by Yingtelai Technology


The 70th Anniversary Parade of the New Generation Air Force Flight Suit Presented as a National Day Gift by Yingtelai Technology

On October 1, at the 70th anniversary military parade of the China, the one-piece flight suits worn by all the officers and fighters of the new aircraft formations of the air force were widely concerned at home and abroad. This is a significant adjustment and innovation in the variety system of Chinese Air Force flight suits over the past 60 years since 1956, when the air force changed from a single piece to a split piece.

The design concept of the new generation of one-piece flight suit, jointly developed and designed by Beijing Yingtelai Technology Co., Ltd., Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University and Special Service Research Institute of Air Force Research Institute, is derived from the famous poem of the founder of the People's Liberation Army, Mao Zedong's "Qinyuan Spring • Changsha": eagle strikes the sky, fish soars at the bottom, and all kinds of frost compete for freedom.

The basic silhouette of the new generation of integrated flight suits is an inverted trapezoidal shape with eagle wings, incorporating flight runway elements in the design, highlighting Chinese characteristics. The design philosophy adheres to the guidance of operational needs and establishes the concept of safety first; Adhere to international first-class standards and establish innovative and forward-looking thinking; Adhere to the combination of inheritance and development, and focus on creating classic military uniforms; Adhere to the direction of localization and ensure material supply. The style adopts a connected design to reduce clothing spin during ejection and ensure stable control of the parachute landing posture. At the same time, prevent flames from entering the gaps and causing skin burns in the event of a fire. The material adopts a permanent flame retardant fiber blend, greatly improving the flame retardant safety protection performance. The new generation of flight suits adopts a closed design at all openings, making it difficult to hook up cabin equipment and avoiding misoperation. In addition, the new generation of flight suits and flight equipment have good compatibility, fully reflecting the principles of ergonomics, effectively improving fitness and comfort.

The successful development of the new generation of flight suits has shortened the gap between China's air force flight suit variety system and the international advanced level by 60 years, and the gap between safety protection performance and international level by 40 years. It has achieved effective unity of functionality, comfort, and aesthetics, reflecting the professional characteristics, hero image, and personality charm of the air superiority, and achieved the design goals of international level, Chinese characteristics, technological leadership, and artistic classics.

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