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Fire clothing 4S+service center to safeguard the health of firefighters


Fire clothing 4S+service center to safeguard the health of firefighters

Recently, two pieces of news have exploded on social media. One is a report from Firefighters' Home titled '16 Hours! Firefighters Transform into' Little Yellow People 'and After Watching It, I Silently Thumb Up...':

At around 7:30 pm on March 16th, the Xiaoshan Fire Branch Command Center in Hangzhou received an alarm: a warehouse storing azo organic dyes in the Dajiangdong Linjiang Industrial Park caught fire. More than 220 firefighters from 40 fire trucks went to rescue the warehouse. After an overnight battle for 14 hours, the fire was successfully extinguished and four trapped workers were rescued. As the burning material is Azo dye, firefighters are dyed as "little yellow men". These young and tired faces look heartbreaking and make us revere them. This is the spirit of firefighters. In the face of major disasters and disasters, they are fearless of their own pain and always fight alongside their comrades.

Just as we were deeply moved by the brave firefighters and deeply relieved by their safe return, a few days later, another news that exploded on our social media was equally exciting.

This is a circle of friends for Yingtelai Hangzhou dealers: they specialize in the field of technology, and we sincerely thank you for the introduction of the full lifecycle management system and 4S cleaning service center for fire uniforms. They have settled in the Hangzhou War Protection Technology Center, introducing a new concept for the occupational health of firefighters. It can be said that without comparison, there is no harm. A fire of chemical raw materials has made more than 300 sets of Bunker gear that have been contaminated by dyes and are almost abandoned put back on duty. This is a professional force, and we have to admire Hangzhou Fire Fighting for its pioneering concept of daring to innovate and caring for the occupational health of grassroots commanders. We should give it a big compliment! Imagine firefighters facing thousands of different types of firefighting and rescue tasks every year, and occupational health is particularly important. Having a professional cleaning equipment for firefighting suits is your best choice, and even the greater investment compared to the lives of professional firefighters is worth it, because life is priceless!

The dye warehouse was on fire, and over 300 sets of firefighting clothing were almost scrapped. However, after professional cleaning and maintenance by the Hangzhou firefighting clothing 4S+center, all of them were restored to their pre use condition! Please draw the key point, it is' all '! This is the power of professionalism!!!

Today, we welcome the leaders of Gansu Corps who care about the health of grassroots commanders and soldiers to visit and learn. Fire is merciless, people have emotions. Cheer up for the safety and health of firefighters!!!

We know that the Hangzhou Fire Clothing "4S+Service Center" is the first fire clothing 4S+service center built in China by Beijing Yingtelai Technology Company with the assistance of Hangzhou Fire Brigade, and was officially delivered for use on November 16, 2018. The center draws inspiration from the design scheme of the Hong Kong Fire Clothing Cleaning Center and is built according to international advanced standards. The center is located in the Hangzhou Fire Brigade Automobile Repair Center, covering an area of over 300 square meters and equipped with 5 personnel, including ten processes of receiving and sending, sorting, pre-treatment, washing, disinfection, drying, sorting, ironing, repair, and identification. The designed production capacity of the center is to clean and maintain around 1000 sets of various firefighting clothing per month, and can also clean personal protective equipment such as firefighting standby clothing, firefighting standard clothing, firefighting helmets, firefighting boots, air respirator masks, etc. at the same time. The key equipment adopts world-renowned brands and is imported with original packaging. This includes a water washing machine and a sorting machine specifically designed for Gouda fire suits in Spain, an air drying machine specifically designed for Gouda fire suits in the United States, and an Irel ozone oxidation laundry system in the United States. The detergent uses a special stain remover, cleaning agent, and finishing agent for firefighting clothing.

Professional people do professional things, and in order to ensure the safety and health of firefighters' equipment, the staff of Hangzhou Fire Clothing 4S+Service Center have been working hard in the rear! Introducing the full life cycle management system of fire suits into the fire protection industry in China has also been a continuous effort by the Yingtelai people!

May the brave and fearless firefighters come back safely every time they come out of police! Pay tribute to the firefighters and heroes who participated in the fire fighting of Xiaoshan Azo dye warehouse! Like Hangzhou 4S+Service Center!

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